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Are you ready to get clarity on brand identity and finally master your mindset?

 You’ve made a smart choice by joining the Money Making Moms! Summit.

I created this summit to address the unique struggles faced by moms venturing into the world of business start-ups. You’ll find this much-needed event is a lifeline to moms who are juggling the delicate balance between nurturing a business and a family.

The expert speakers featured will equip you with the tools needed for successful branding, to elevate your mindset, and to fuel your passion for your business, all while maintaining the family harmony you hold most dear.

If you’ve felt the overwhelm of branding, or the tug-of-war between your business aspirations and family time, you’re in the right place. 

In these interviews, you’ll gain insights from fellow moms who’ve mastered the art of running a successful business without sacrificing their family life. You’ll discover the secrets to a winning mindset that embraces both business success and family well-being. 

You will want to listen to these interviews more than once. They are so powerful! Then, you’ll want to start implementing what you’ve learned. I’ve got you! You’re a busy mom. So, I put together a package that has the absolute essentials you’ll need once you’ve listened to this event.

Money Making Moms! VIP Package:

Unlimited access to the Exclusive Interview Recordings of the Money-Making Moms! Summit. Listen now. Listen later. Up to you! Keep the expert advice close with lifetime access to over 8 hours of Live Expert Training! ($199 value)

  • Q&A zoom session with Michelle Getz, veteran mom, business owner, creative branding designer. ($99 value). Ask your questions and get clear on next steps! 
    • Are you unclear on what your brand should be or even how to develop a brand? 
    • Are you curious about how to make your brand better? 
    • Are you overwhelmed by trying to manage it all?
    • Are you looking for daily solutions to get ahead?
    • Or maybe you have other questions about branding or motherhood. You have the floor. Let’s spend some time on you and your business.